Típica en Conserva Orchestra

I have the privilege of working together with Professors Ivan Prosiuk, Gastón Ares and a large bar of musicians, taking this beautiful journey through Tango and the life of a great orchestra.

The Orquesta Típica project “en conserva” of the Bahia Blanca music conservatory is a space where the musical legacy of tango is learned and taught. Among its objectives, this group seeks to preserve and spread the different subgenres of citizen music, as well as to develop the different roles played by each member, either as soloists, as a group, accompanying singers and dancers, etc. Among its musicians are students and teachers who interact in a dynamic school orchestra, but with musical results that lead to professional training.

The orchestra already has a wide original repertoire and numerous presentations in different contexts. From theaters to outdoor milongas, the “Orquesta Típica en Conserva” has spread not only the best of our music but also conserves in life this cultural heritage that we call Tango.