Tangos from another port

Lucho Sellan (guitar) and Julián Mansilla (bandoneón) propose to bring to light tangos that were born miles away from the city of Buenos Aires, but that their smell of Puerto and Milonga are unmistakable. Tangos from another port, are works by musicians from Bahia Blanca and the area that were frozen for decades in old scores, now converted again into music and stories

The guitar and the bandoneón are the most present instruments in each region of our country (Argentina) and their music. In addition, this duo is the corner where many composers put their works. Fueye and Viola have been a synthesis of the origins of tango and are also the reflection of a group that has served as a refuge for the genre in difficult times for our citizen music.

“Tangos from another port” is not just a couple of arrangements, but rather a work that unites the history of tango in the city and the music of its performers. This duo seeks to revive tangos stored in old boxes and family memories.
Our proposal is to dust off those old scores and make them sound in a laboratory that mixes musical restoration with tango innovation.

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