This section includes a catalog of works that I have composed or arranged for different formations. Although the works have arisen randomly during the last years, I have classified them with some criteria in order to facilitate their visualization.
Award-winning or commissioned works
  • RecoNoceR  (2020/2021)  (Piano, Violin & Cello)  Commissioned by The Barlow Endowment for Music Composition at Brigham Young University   – The work was premiered in USA – BYU Provo-Idaho during 2021  by The Uinta Trio – (Nicole Pinnell Monte Belknap & Michael McQuay)                  
  • “…y la verdad os hará libres”/ “…and the truth shall make you free”  (2020)  Comissioned by Center for LDS Arts for Art for Uncertain times   (Electroacustic work)   Music & Context 
Works for chamber music
  • Grampeando (2007) (Bandoneón & strings)
  • O Bruxo (arr2020)  (Violin, piano & violoncello)  Video
  • Pensamiento Barrilete (2006) (Strings quartet)
  • Canción para un Vasquito (2015-arr2023) (Strings quartet) Video+Score
  • Acero y Caña (2020) (Bandoneón & Saxophone Tenor/Alto)
  • Preludio para Violin & Violoncello (2022)
  • Bando A. Piazzolla / arranged by J. Mansilla (Bandoneón & strings)
  • Reminisencia A. Piazzolla / arranged by J. Mansilla (Bandoneón, saxophone & strings) Video
  • Cinema Paradiso E. Morricone / arranged by J. Mansilla (Bandoneón & strings quartet) Video
  • El Cañuelas L. Deviagge / arranged by J. Mansilla (Bandoneón, guitarra & strings)
  • Por la vuelta J. Tinelli / arranged by J. Mansilla (Bandoneón y strings)
  • Suite Troileana A. Piazzolla / arranged by J. Mansilla (Bandoneón & strings)
Own compositions written mostly for Napostá Cuarteto


  • De Ida (2001) (Keyboard, flute, drums, bass)
  • De Vuelta (2003) (Keyboard, tenor sax, drums, bass)
  • Chucita (2006) (Piano, soprano sax, drums/percussion, bass) Video
  • Fankriollando (2003) (Keyboard, tenor sax, drums, bass)

Suite Sobrinal

  • Canción pa Cate (2014) – (Bandoneón, soprano sax, flute, drums, bass) Video
  • Canción para un Vasquito (2015) – (Bandoneón, soprano sax, flute, drums, bass) 
  • Princesita de las diagonales (Bandoneón, soprano sax, flute, drums, bass)
  • Chicho (Bandoneón, soprano sax, flute, drums, bass)


  • Amor en pausa (2012)  – (Bandoneón, tenor sax, drums, bass)  Live version
  • Casualidades (2014)  – (Piano/keyboard, tenor sax, drums, bass fretless)  Video “Buscando caminos”
  • Ñeha’arõ (2017)  – (Piano, tenor sax, bass fretless, drums/percussion) Live version

Small tributes to giants

  • O Bruxo (2017)  dedicated to Hermeto Pascoal  (Winds, bandoneón, keyboard, bass, drums/percussion) Live version  Studio Version “Buscando caminos”
  • Camino al Rucci (2017) dedicated to Gustavo Fernandez & Rucci (Bandoneón, flute, drums, bass) Video Clip “Buscando caminos”
  • Sabor tramontana dedicated to Beto Tramontana (Bandoneón, soprano sax, drums, bass)
  • Fatto in Bahía (2017)  dedicated to Hugo Fattoruso (Keyboard, soprano sax, drums, bass, cuerda de candombe) Video “Buscando caminos” 
  • Destiempo Trunco alla Brubeck  (2018) dedicated to Dave Brubeck (Piano, soprano sax, drums, bass)


  • Tiempos Zarcos (2015) – (Piano, tenor sax, drums, bass) 
  • Grampeando (arr2016) (Bandoneón, tenor sax, percussion, strings, bass)
  • Monociclo (2018) –  (Soprano sax, bandoneón, piano, bass, drums) Live version
  • Tak Clouds (2020) – (Piano, Alto Sax, Bandoneon, Cajón peruano) on ¡Al Fin! Records – Spotify
  • Noni & Fiaca (2019)Piano solo  Video
Arrangements about other authors
  • Echen coplas  autor anónimo / arranged by J. Mansilla (Piano, quena, bass, drums)
  • Esa tristeza  Eduardo Mateo / arranged by  J. Mansilla  (Keyboard, soprano sax, drums/cuerdas de candombe, bass)
  • Jacinta  Eduardo Mateo / arranged by J. Mansilla (keyboard, flute, drums, bass)
  • Cuando los gauchos vienen bailando  Eduardo Lagos / arranged by J. Mansilla (Piano, flute, bass, drums) Video
  • Buenos días Doña María  Dino Saluzzi / arranged by J. Mansilla  (Bandoneón, tenor sax, drums, bass)
  • Otoño y Soledad  Sergio Natali / arranged by J. Mansilla (Bandoneón, flute, bass, percussion)
  • Canción del Árbol del olvido  Alberto Ginastera / arranged by J. Mansilla (Bandoneón, flute, bass, percussion)
  • Corazón de Caña  Lilian Saba / arranged by J. Mansilla (Bandoneón, quena, bass, percussion)
  • Nunca tuvo novio  Agustín Bardi / arranged by J. Mansilla (Bandoneón, sax, drums, bass)
Tangos – Arranged for “Orquesta Típica”
  • Contrastes Astor Piazzolla / arranged by J. Mansilla  (4Bnd, Pno, 3Vn, Va, Vc, Gtr, Cb)
  • Los Arrayanes Raúl Girou / arranged by J. Mansilla  (4Bnd, Pno, 3Vn, Va, Vc, Gtr, Cb)
  • Un día cualquiera Lucio Passarelli / Julián Mansilla (4Bnd, Pno, 3Vn, Va, Vc, Gtr, Cb)
With lyrics
  • Cosas de esta vidala (2012) (lyrics & music by  J. Mansilla)
  • Si una luz se apaga (2015) (lyrics by A. Rantucho / music by J. Mansilla)
  • Vidala santiagueña de la creación (2016) (lyrics & music by  J. Mansilla)  Video
  • Sus ojitos se abrieron (2017) (lyrics & music by  J. Mansilla)
  • Niño dormido está (2020)  (lyrics & music by  J. Mansilla)
  • ADN que reaparece (2020) (lyrics & music by  J. Mansilla)